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Energy Efficiency

energy-efficiencyWe identify energy and utility savings and we implement improvement programmes that deliver sustainability.



List of Projects

  • Preparation of study on Energy Efficiency Measures in Public Buildings in Kosovo Municipalities, an EU funded project with ALAnet as a leading partner.

  • Preparation of review of the inventory database of the public buildings, project funded by UNDP.

  • Preparation of Methodology for calculating of building Energy Efficiency.

  • Project for replacement of the existing air conditioning system in server room for QBE Macedonia. More

  • Improvement of Energy Efficiency of the Steam Supply System in Teteks Textile Plant in Tetovo. More

  • Building energy efficiency in the Republic of Macedonia, an UNEP project. Consortium with KWI, Allplan – Austria.

  • Work Tender Dossier for the ZELS House of Municipalities preparation for EAR. More

Energy Efficiency Project Gallery

  • QBE Macedonia
  • Teteks textile plant