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Preparation of Project appraisal documents

PADBAR E.C.E. provided services for technical assistance to Project implementation unit within Ministry of Finance and several Municipalities in preparation of necessary documentation for implementing sub-projects by preparation of social, technical, environmental, economic and financial appraisal of the sub-projects

The objective of this project, financed by the Wrold Bank, is to provide technical assistance by enabling investments into municipal services and infrastructure and in support of institutions responsible for delivering these services, such as municipalities and their communal service enterprises:

  • Project appraisal document for Extension of a dining room at the kindergarten „7mi septemvri” in Pehchevo and construction of streets in two villages in the Municipality of Pehcevo; 
  • Project appraisal document for Reconstruction of Marshal Tito Street, Reconstruction of Vera Jocikj Street and Construction of Street No. 7 Municipality of Delchevo; 
  • Project appraisal document for Reconstruction of part of local road Aleksandar Urdarevski – Rudnici Banjani (Kocka) in Municipality Chucher Sandevo; 
  • Project appraisal document for construction of the part of the Boulevard Vidoe Smilevski Bato Municipality of Tetovo; 
  • Project appraisal document for procurement of vehicles and machinery necessary for improvement of public communal services Municipality of Bogovinje; 
  • Project appraisal document for construction of Water Treatment Plant for the village of Dobri Dol and Negotino Municipality of Vrapchishte; 
  • Project appraisal document for regulation of part of Matejachka River Municipality of Lipkovo; 
  • Project appraisal document for purchase of solid waste collection tuck and purchase of truck for winter cleaning Municipality of Shtip; 
  • Project appraisal document for the project for replacement and installation of house horizontal/vertical and ultrasonic water meters with upgrade by the equipment for distant mobile reading and integration of the water meters in the system of distant reading and Project for extension of the secondary gas distribution network in Municipality of Strumica; 
  • Project appraisal document for extension of the existing kindergarten “Crvenkapa” Municipality of Aerodrom.