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Environmental and Social analysis for Macedonia Local Roads

BPSBAR E.C.E. signed contract with EBRD for Regional and Local Roads Project - Environmental and Social Analysis for Macedonia Local Roads. The approximate duration of the project is 3 months until June, 2011. The key objectivеs of this Projects include the following goals:


  • Identification and determination of the potential environmental and social impacts associated with the constuction of the new sections and the rehabilitation of the existing roads.
  • Assisting EBRD in structuring the Project so that the national and the EBRD Environmental and Social Policy requirements as well as good international practise guidelines, such as WB/IFC EHS guidelines for roads and highways are met.
  • Assisting the EBRD by developing a set of recommendation in the form of a draft environmental and social action plan aimed at preventing and mitigating potential adverse environmental and social impacts during the construction and operation of the road, providing environmental and social benefits and improving environmental and social quality as well as improving information flow with the affected communities.