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Project on Construction of WWTP in Gevgelija

BPS The Project on Construction of Waste Water Treatment Plant in Gevgelija started. BAR E.C.E. is a partner of the consortium led by Hoilnger, Switzerland.


Main project features: The Plant will be sized for 32,000 people equivalents. It shall provide purification of the wastewater to the concentration limits according the EU Urban Wastewater Directive 91/271/EEC. The Project is financed by Swiss Government through SECO, Greek Government, and Government of the Republic of Macedonia.

Final beneficiary of the Project is the Municipality of Gevgelija and Komunalec.

The Consultant will review all relevant inputs with special care to the development projection for both population and commercial sector, launch and evaluate the works tender; and supervise the execution of works.

We kindly recommend you to visit this link on the website of our Client.