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EIA Reports

EIABAR E.C.E in the past few years prepared twenty Environmental Impact Assessments Reports for construction and operation of several small hydropower plants most of them located in the western part of the Macedonia, with total installed capacity of approximately 19 MW.

The implementation of these projects is in accordance with the Strategy for utilization of renewable energy sources in the Republic of Macedonia until 2020 will contribute to increase participation of the renewable sources in electricity production which in turn will reduce the import dependency of the Republic of Macedonia, and contributing to the struggle to reduce the effects of climate change, the biggest environmental challenge that now faces the global international community, particularly to reduce GHG emissions. Taking into consideration total annual projected production of these small hydro power plants of near 53 GWh, it can be concluded that annually, reducing the amount of greenhouse gas emissions shall amount to 40,934.67 metric tons / MWh, taken according to OECD criteria.