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Socio-economic Impact Assessment

001BAR E.C.E. signed Contract with Public Enterprise for State Roads for Socio-economic Impact Assessment of the Local Roads Rehabilitated under the Regional and Local Roads Program Support Project.

The main objective of this assignment will be to assess from the beneficiary point of view wellbeing and welfare accruing to households using local roads that are being rehabilitated with the Regional and Local Roads Project. The project will focus on three main aspects: market access, human capital and road safety and will include analysis of rehabilitated local roads in 10 municipalities with completed works, 5 in the mountain regions and 5 in the lowland regions.

The total duration of the assignment will be 6 months, starting from December 20, 2013 and will be financed by World Bank.

Public Enterprise for State Roads published Final Report for socio-economic impact assessment of the local roads rehabilitated under the regional and local roads program support project. For more information you can visit following link .