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Project on Construction of WWTP in Gevgelija

BPS The Project on Construction of Waste Water Treatment Plant in Gevgelija started. BAR E.C.E. is a partner of the consortium led by Hoilnger, Switzerland.



Opening ceremony in Sredno Konjari and Katlanovo, Petrovec Municipality

BPS On April 07, 2011, ceremony was held in the Primary School “Bratstvo Edinstvo” in Sredno Konjari and on April 21, 2011 in the Primary School “Koco Racin” in Katlanovo, to mark the completion of the project from the Together for European Macedonia, programme 2010, financed by the Government of the Kingdom of Norway, managed by the Secretariat for European Affairs of the Government of the Republic of Macedonia and implemented by BAR E.C.E.


Implementation Assistance for Wastewater Treatment Plant in Kumanovo

BPSBAR E.C.E. signed Consultancy Agreement with EBRD as Administrator of Grant Funds provided by the Government of Switzerland under the Switzerland - EBRD Macedonia MEAP Grant Fund for Implementation Assistance for Wastewater Treatment Plant in Kumanovo. BAR E.C.E. will provide consultancy services for successful implementation of the Project witn envisionded duration of 6 months until the end of September.


Study on Energy Efficiency Measures in Public Buildings in Kosovo Municipalities

BPSBAR E.C.E. as a member of ALAnet Global Consortium is implementing activities for the Study on Energy Efficiency Measures in Public Buildings in Kosovo Municipalities.Global objective for this project is to enhance energy efficiency and use of renewable energy resources, that will reduce the harmful impact on the environment. The expected period for project will be 5 months until August, 2011.


Environmental and Social analysis for Macedonia Local Roads

BPSBAR E.C.E. signed contract with EBRD for Regional and Local Roads Project - Environmental and Social Analysis for Macedonia Local Roads. The approximate duration of the project is 3 months until June, 2011. The key objectivеs of this Projects include the following goals:


DoD/ODC schools renovation

BPSDoD/ODC in cooperation with USAID/PEP renovated several Primary Schools in municipalities in Macedonia. BAR E.C.E. is implementing 3 schools of this projects and the contract is signed for: